The Real Reason For McCabe’s Firing

Andrew McCabe was fired Friday for many reasons, but none of which were explained by the press.

The media have lost their minds since Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s firing Friday, and have sold the lie that Trump was the reason McCabe was forced to leave the FBI. This shows the true colors of the mainstream media, and how they are entirely willing to blame whatever they can on the president.

This situation was no different. Late Friday evening, the news came out that the Inspector General at the Justice Department had recommended the firing of McCabe. Attorney General Jeff Sessions accepted the recommendation just one day before McCabe was set to retire and receive almost $2 million in federal pension. McCabe left the FBI, and not long after his ousting sent a letter to Sessions, in which he called his firing an attempt to “discredit [him] as a witness.”

The media took this story and ran with it. From Reuters to The New York Times, the entire press told us that it was the president who fired McCabe, and he got rid of him because he was scared of the special council’s findings, and Sessions wanted to deny McCabe his pension because he was a threat to the president’s well being. This reporting would’ve been newsworthy had it been true.



The truth is that McCabe’s firing was due in part to his mishandling of information in the Clinton and Trump investigations. For example, during the Clinton investigation, McCabe and then-Director James Comey oversaw the Clinton email scandal, of which McCabe reportedly permitted two FBI officials to provide information to several reporters, including Devlin Barrett, a former Wall Street Journal reporter.

Evidence points to senior FBI Attorney Lisa Page being one of the officials mentioned in the Inspector General’s memo to the Justice Department.

Michael Horowitz, the current IG for the Department of Justice, suspected Page’s involvement in the leaking to the press after reading texts between Page and Peter Strzok, an FBI counterintelligence official. Their back-and-forth texts assured Horowitz that their bias was undeniable and furthermore proved their involvement in the leaking of information during the Clinton investigation.


McCabe’s Involvement

What does this have to do with Andrew McCabe, you might ask? Well, at the time, McCabe testified under oath that he was authorized by then-Director Comey to inform the press of the FBI’s behind-the-scenes activities — he reiterates this in his statement to AG Jeff Sessions after his firing. This led people to believe that Director Comey had been presumptuous in allowing McCabe to provide the media with valuable information about the FBI’s handling of the Clinton investigation.

However, when Comey was asked about the recent leaks to the press at that time, he testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that he did not authorize anyone to leak anything to the media, and further denied the possibility of the FBI giving the press any sensitive information regarding the Clinton investigation.

These statements from both FBI officials would naturally contradict each other and would lead to the conservative media trying to find out which law enforcement officer lied so we could prosecute their uncouth behavior.

As it turns out, Comey lied about not authorizing leaks to the press and actually did give permission to McCabe to grant approval to two FBI officials, with one likely being Lisa Page. McCabe was telling the truth in this matter, and Comey was lying all along.

This is the real reason McCabe was fired. He wasn’t fired because the president had a personal vendetta against the FBI official. The reasons were many, with just one of them being that he mishandled and leaked information about the Clinton investigation. Hopefully, this serves as a wake-up call to the FBI, as well as the rest of our top law enforcement agencies. You cannot expect to be above the law when holding senior positions in the executive branch; Andrew McCabe learned that the hard way.


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