As McMaster Leaves, the Liberal Media Begins Their Attack on John Bolton


President Trump announced late Thursday that national security advisor H.R. McMaster will be replaced with former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, a conservative diplomat under President Bush and a contributor to Fox News.

Several reports say that the president is dismissing the famed three-star General and replacing him with Bolton, a known policy hawk and a former supporter of the Iraqi War.

Bolton is scheduled to take McMaster’s place on April 9th, giving McMaster plenty of time to move out and situate somewhere else.

President Trump has already said that McMaster will “remain my friend,” even after the media’s coverage of their ‘rocky’ relationship and McMaster’s ousting.

However, the media has already begun attacking the incoming policy advisor. John Bolton has made headlines at premier liberal news organizations, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, with opinions leaking into news reporting.

The New York Times called John Bolton “an undiplomatic voice for American might,” and continued to trash the nominee for his previous decisions as U.N. Ambassador. Here is a short paragraph blasting Bolton for his views on foreign policy:

With his trademark bushy gray mustache and his take-no-prisoners style, Mr. Bolton positioned himself to the right even of the foreign policy veterans who emerged from president George W. Bush’s administration, a hawk among hawks, a hard-liner who thrills conservatives and chills moderates and liberals. From his perch on Fox News, he has impressed Mr. Trump with a muscular vision of American power and a dark assessment of America’s adversaries.

There is a lot to say about this paragraphs, but we can focus on just one point. The New York Times suggests that Mr. Bolton “thrills conservatives and chills moderates and liberals.” This is precisely untrue because one of the most conservative senators in the Senate, Sen. Rand Paul (R, KY), vowed to block the possibility of Bolton being deputy secretary of state while Donald Trump was still president-elect.

The New York Times also tried to say that Bolton scares everyone except for conservatives in the line “thrills conservatives and chills moderates and liberals.” This not only creates a bad picture for conservatives, but it makes moderates and liberals sound like righteous and sensible people. This is assuming that their assessment of Bolton is correct, which, with further investigation, it isn’t.

The Washington Post wrote an article trying to discredit the ideas of Bolton, while not offering any supporting voices for his way of thinking. In their plight to destroy the ideology of Bolton, The Washington Post often resorted to quoting critics of Bolton from the Bush administration and while he was a Fox News correspondent.

There are things to be mad about, and instead of focusing on those issues, The Washington Post and The New York Times has instead focused on the incapabilities of Bolton and why he’s a terrible nominee. The left will continue to criticize Trump’s objectives and nominees until they achieve their ultimate goal of destroying Trump and getting rid of his conservative allies. Their bias shows clearly in the articles as has it for the past 15 months.

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