President Trump Signs Omnibus Bill, Allows Congress to Spend More Money Than We Have

United States Congress spends more money than they have with this new omnibus budget deal.

United States Congress spends more money than they have with this new budget deal.

President Trump signed the $1.3 trillion omnibus bill that passed the Senate early Friday morning, a decision that would increase the national debt and allow Congress to spend more money than we have.

Reports confirm that the president signed a $1.3 trillion budget that is scheduled to last for six months. Rush Limbaugh also announced this morning that there is no funding for a border wall in this budget, regressing the president’s efforts in trying to build a dependable barrier between the United States and Mexico.

However, what does this spending bill mean, exactly? The bill’s contents took up about 2,200 pages, making it almost impossible for anyone to read it. Congress also conjured up this bill not too long ago, maybe a month or a couple of weeks ago.

This information tells us that the bill was impossible to read, and since Congress did not elaborate on it for very long, representatives were forced to vote on it right then. In the minds of political and economic intellectuals, a popular thought would be that Congress started the debate by telling of all the beneficial properties in this bill while concealing all of the defective attributes of it.

This might not seem wrong on the part of the people explaining the bill, but it is; it is called lying by omission. It is also a sort of bias that takes a similar name. It is used a lot on the political left to steer their agenda into the bright light of society while covering their tracks and sugar coating their failures.

Whether it was our liberal Democrat representatives explaining the bill or not, I do not know. What I do know is that our representatives lied to get their agenda passed, not caring about the American taxpayer who is forced to finance Congress’ plans. If they cared about the taxpayer, they would not have thought of a bill such as this one, our representatives would not have lied about its so-called “benefits,” and Congress would not have let it get to the president’s desk.

Congress continues to spend money that they do not have, and it is putting a lot of Americans in debt. According to a report by The Daily Signal, a child born in the year 2016 holds about $42,000 in public debt. That was two years ago, and our debt has continued to rise since then.

These are newborn babies we are talking about here; the most defenseless out of all of us. We cannot stand idly by and watch our Congress spend money that our children will have to pay off when they get older, and then hand down their debt to their newborns, and not say something. We cannot let Congress take advantage of fellow human beings without paying the price, which is the American people electing new congressman.

Here is the bottom line: our government does not care about its citizens. It is a sad truth, but telling it is the only way it can be reversed. For the American people to do something about it, they must know that the current people in power do not care about them. They do not know you, they do not know what’s best for you, and they will not be at your funeral. Therefore, you do not need to show them any respect that they have not deserved, and they earn your respect through doing what you, the American people, elected them to do.

I do not know what side the rest of America is on, but as for me, I ask Congress to stop caring about their government more than they care about the American people who elected them to be there.


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