As Thousands of Migrants Approach U.S., Trump Continues Advocacy of Border Wall

Trump plans to use U.S. military for border security in light of mass illegal immigration threats.

Thousands of migrants are approaching the United States’ southern border, most of them from Honduras, apparently to seek asylum in the U.S. and take advantage of our country’s failing immigration laws.

Several reports record a massive caravan of Latin American migrants approaching the border of the United States, worrying the Commander-in-Chief as well as border officials.

The Democratic party has not shown any discontent with news of a caravan in Mexico. Much of the Republican party has remained quiet as well, but the president said today that he was prepared to use the military to secure our border until he gets the funding he needs to build his promised wall.

In 2010, president Obama used the Coast Guard to secure the border, but Trump’s plan will be substantially bigger if he plans to use more than just the Coast Guard.

A lot of criticism came to the president when he made this statement, saying that it is not within his Constitutional bounds to use the military for immigration services. It is only legal for the president to use the president for emergency purposes that pose a threat to national security.

However, a caravan of illegal immigrants does, in fact, pose a threat to a lot of Americans living near the southern border. This caravan of people also poses a threat to our immigration system, and it will send a message to the world if we let them come in. That message will say that we are okay with undocumented immigrants taking over our country through mass migration.

The Trump administration seems poised to keep its promise and continue to secure the border as much as they can, even if it means military support.


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