Illegal Aliens Tried Crossing the Border; They Were Apprehended Immediately

A few illegal aliens tried crossing the border into New Mexico on Friday in a supposed effort to mock the president’s immigration policy.

A report released by Breitbart shows a few Mexican immigrants try to cross the border illegally into New Mexico. The twenty-foot barrier didn’t seem to hold them back, but afterward, the man who climbed over the wall was apprehended by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.

“He couldn’t get over! He was taking forever,” one of the immigrants told authorities. He later added that he saw men climb the wall in a minute or less.

Illegal aliens have been successful in their plights to enter the United States for a long time, but this story shows just how easy it is to get over our border. If the man was right in saying that he saw men that were able to climb the wall in a minute and escape apprehension, then that’s a sign that we need further border security.

This was a response to the president’s order to General Mattis that he wanted the National Guard enforcing border security until his promised wall can be built.

Historically, calling the National Guard to defend the border is not uncommon. President Obama called the Guard to the border in 2010, and shortly thereafter withdrew them from low border crossings. President Trump called the National Guard to the border in light of an immigration problem in the United States, and history shows that the problem might not last for long.

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