Washington Blames Assad for Another Chemical Attack… Again

Our political elite does not hesitate to blame anything and everything that goes wrong in the Middle East on Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, leading a lot of Americans to believe that the United States might eventually go to war with Syria if we continue our irresponsible behavior.

The Fox News Channel has spent several hours reporting on the Pentagon’s response to Assad’s alleged chemical gas attack on the Syrian populace Monday, omitting any confirmation that Assad was the person who carried out the horrible attack. This might have led to a lot of confusion, so here is what’s really happening.

The truth is that the Pentagon has no evidence that Assad carried out the chemical attack. In fact, Assad wouldn’t have even benefited from carrying out this attack. The reasoning here is that the United States was about to pull out of Syria. It wouldn’t make any sense if the Syrian leader conducted this attack because it would mean the United States’ intervention afterward.

One possibility is that the actual culprit was the radical Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS. ISIS has lost a lot of its Middle-Eastern territories since early 2017, but they still hold their headquarters in Syria. In fact, ISIS practically owns half of Syria. It could very well be that the terrorist group carried out the attack and made it look like it was Assad, knowing that the United States would condemn him for his actions. If the United States were to help ISIS overthrow Assad without our leadership knowing about it, we might help a known terrorist group overthrow their rivaling government.

This is entirely possible, and U.S. leadership should be aware of this. First, we have no evidence that it was Assad. Second, it would be logically inadequate if Assad carried out this attack in the first place. Third, we need to be conscious of the fact that ISIS also hates Assad, and wants him out of power so they can take control of Syria.

Our government has put the blame on foreign leaders without evidence before. Last year, the Trump administration blamed the Assad regime for a chemical gas attack that was likely conducted by ISIS. The United States responded by attacking a Syrian air base with 23 ballistic missiles.

This type of behavior proves detrimental to our military as well as our foreign policy. We should not go to war with anybody if we do not need to. This is becoming a somewhat unpopular position among our federal electorates, but it is still a favorable opinion among the voters. We saw that when we elected Donald Trump, who made the promise to his base that he would remove troops from Afghanistan and other Middle-Eastern countries that have deteriorated since we started fighting there.

The president needs to stop listening to the generals and Washington affiliates he has surrounded himself with and start focusing on some of the reasons he was elected for.

Also, the people in his cabinet need to base their advice to the president based on facts and reason rather than gut feelings and anger.

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