The Best Site to Build Your Own PC: PCPartPicker Review

The Best Site to Build Your Own PC: PCPartPicker Review

Let’s be honest; prebuilt computers are overpriced these days. One of the reasons for the price hike, especially for gaming or workstation computers, is that one of the computer parts used to mine cryptocurrencies are GPUs and CPUs, or graphics processing units and central processing units. Other computer parts have risen over the years as well, as cryptography enthusiasts have bought separate components, such as motherboards, to hold their newly acquired CPUs and GPUs.

With this in mind, companies have risen the prices on their prebuild computers because the cost of the internal parts has increased. Some would even make the argument that companies are using the rise in computer part prices as an excuse to disproportionately raise the cost of their offered computers.

This is why there are a lot of people moving toward building their own computers. What people want to do is not pay the absolute minimum for the machine they want, but to be reasonable about what they’re buying. Also, they want to be in control of what is on their computer; if they want a gaming computer with some production power, they can build one themselves. If they wish to attain a server computer that has some gaming capabilities, they can search the internet for the parts they want, or they can go to, a site that simplifies the process of building your own PC.


The Site

PCPartPicker is a website that helps its users find the best computer parts for the best price offered anywhere on the internet. It not only prompts you to find your own parts, but it also has thousands of builds made by other people on the site, so you can use other people’s ideas and build your computer around that. The website allows the user to quickly navigate through their own computer builds, their favorite parts, or forums and blogs of the site.


The Experience

The user experience on PCPartPicker is excellent no matter what the user is looking for; whether they want to build their own computer or want to learn more about computers, the site can be easily navigated, and you will find what you’re looking for very quickly.

What I have found is that the site is sort of addicting; the first time I visited the site, I was literally on it for hours trying to find the best products for the best price. One of the things I used for my research (apart from the site itself) is YouTube, which was very helpful and leads me to my next talking point.



PCPartPicker is a very good site with a lot of upsides, but it does have its flaws, as do all things in life. For one, it would be better if the site had a YouTube section that actually interacted with YouTube itself. I know that the site has its own section where you can see the site-sponsored videos, but sometimes knowledge is better attained if you’re told by more than one person or entity. LinusTechTips is a great start, and they could go from there.

I have also noticed that the site does not use eBay at all. This could be because eBay is not as reliable as NewEgg or OutletPC, but it can be helpful. It only seems reasonable, as PCPartPicker also uses Amazon, one of eBay’s top competitors in the marketplace known as the internet.

This is not really as much a criticism of the site as much as it is a criticism of the people using it. There are reviews on a lot of products, but there seems to be a general consensus on what to buy when it comes to computer parts. Some parts are found with one or two reviews about it, and they are often vague and nondescriptive. There are a lot of products without reviews at all, which should outrage a person who offers their parts to PCPartPicker. What this does is scare off happy spenders who would otherwise be happy to diversify in what products they buy.

What PCPartPicker could do about this is add a one or two paragraph description of each product, no matter whether it has been reviewed or not. I know this is a lot of work on PCPP’s part, but it would be worth every single bead of sweat on their eyebrows.



PCPartPicker is a great site to build a computer or just learn more about computers. It also allows computer enthusiasts across the nation to come together and build the best computers for the best price. It also allows people like me, who didn’t know anything about computers a month ago, become engaged and quite honestly, addicted. If you are looking to build your own computer and don’t know where to start, this site will help you hit the ground running. PCPartPicker is the place to go for computer parts.

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