Femenist Movement Gains Ground As Boy Scouts Change Name

It has been a long road for the feminist movement, but they finally gained some ground on equality and inclusiveness, even if that ground happened to be a tradition over 100 years old.

The Boy Scouts of America, founded in 1910, has had a tradition of taking in young boys and turning them into mannered, chivalrous adult men. Though it has had its criticisms over the years, the Boy Scouts of America has produced many good men around the country.

The Boy Scouts continue their mission to this day, but with one change: the name is no longer “Boy Scouts.”

According to the Associated Press, Boy Scouts of America, otherwise known as simply “Boy Scouts,” has changed their name in response to the feminist movement’s success in including girls in the program. Their new name: “Scouts BSA.”

This is a new development in our current society, and it is proof that feminism is not for the equality of men and women; they have become an institution that wants to infiltrate any place that is dedicated to men and change the rules so that women could be included. In short, feminism is so out of whack that they are willing to disrupt every male organization to achieve their dreams of “equality.”

I have no problem with women having rights. I believe they should be equal to men, and in the last 100 years, we have made it our top priority to achieve true equality. Women finally have the same rights as men do, but that’s not enough for femenism. They want to force women into every male institution, like the boy scouts.

Men don’t do this. To be honest, women don’t even do this. Think of this situation arising, and then think about the probability of that happening: a naive man walks into the Girl Scouts headquarters. He has a skip in his step as he thinks, this is it! I’m finally going to get the Girl Scouts to accept men into their program!” When he asks the Girl Scouts to accept men into their program, they laugh at him. After a long legal battle between this man and the Girl Scouts, the government forces them to open their doors to all genders, despite their name and long-time tradition.

The likelihood of this happening is about the same as Eminem releasing another hit album. The point here is that neither men nor women would do something like this, because we respect each other. You will never see a man go into the Girl Scout headquarters and demand equal representation between men and women, just like you would never see women kick down the door of the Boy Scouts and demand that girls be involved.

The problem is that feminists have lost their humanity. Instead of respecting those who differ from them in opinion or even in practice, they try to humiliate and prosecute them. Feminists have not earned this “victory;” to earn something, you have to do it yourself through perseverance and hard work. What the feminists did was take their enemies to court to prosecute, while hiding behind the false notion that all women are on their side.

This news story is not as much a development as it is a lesson. The lesson is that we must all respect each other. The Boy Scouts were not disrespectful towards women; they have been doing this for 100 years! If the Girl Scouts are not for you, then create a new club. If we truly respected each other, this wouldn’t have happened, and the Boy Scouts would still be known as the “Boy Scouts.”

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