As Lisa Page Walks Out, FBI Reveals Its True Identity

In a turn of events Saturday, the former FBI lawyer resigned as the agency tries to recover some of its lost credibility throughout the year.

According to The Daily Caller, former FBI official Lisa Page resigned Saturday as more of her text messages with Peter Strzok have been uncovered. The exchanged texts show a clear bias against then-president-elect Donald Trump, even when the FBI had started investigating him for Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

Strzok and Page worked on Robert Mueller’s team to try and indict Trump for possible wrongdoing until Mueller was forced to fire Strzok and Page after their phone conversations were released.

This seems to be the new face of the FBI. Instead of actually doing police work, like they’re supposed to do, they instead play politics where it doesn’t need to be played. What the FBI is doing is trying to promote their own agenda by pretending to do police work. This is wrong on so many levels, and there is clear evidence pointing to their underlying goals.

Take former National Security Advisor Micheal Flynn. Flynn was tried for making Russian contacts during the campaign trail and in the early days of the Trump administration. Flynn was fired by Trump for lying to vice president Mike Pence about talking to Russian leaders, but the FBI, and later Mueller’s Special Counsel, forced Flynn to plead guilty to lying to FBI officials under oath, when in fact we later learned that Comey’s FBI did not think Flynn lied to them.

This is more than trying to destroy one man’s reputation; this is trying to undermine an entire administration on the accusation of corruption and bad intentions, when in fact no wrongdoing has been done.

But what can we expect? The FBI (and the entire federal government, for that matter) has gotten used to ignoring the basic principles of justice and getting away with it. Is it, then, the FBI’s fault that this is happening? After all, the FBI’s leaders have been chosen by the Obama administration, who was extremely ignorant of the rule of law across the country (just as an example, they never prosecuted Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified information).

This is the FBI’s agenda, and no matter how much of it we expose to the public, the FBI knows that there isn’t anything we can do about it. Lisa Page was just one person who was so extremely biased against Donald Trump she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about it. If she quits, the FBI has several more people like her. After all, the FBI’s mission from November 8th, 2016, to now has always been to get rid of Trump, and they won’t stop until they do.


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