Kim Jong-Un Released Last American Prisoners to Secretary Pompeo

The Trump administration continues to make progress with North Korea, as Kim Jong-Un released the last American prisoners over to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Wednesday.

The three men who were released are going to be flying back to the United States with Pompeo, with the set destination being Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington D.C. The president has plans to meet them at the runway at 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

What This Means for the Trump Administartion

This is a huge victory for the president. After an entire year of being trashed by the media for saying absurd things on twitter that were aimed at urging North Korea to disarm themselves, it finally worked. North Korea has promised to disarm themselves, and to attain peace with the United States. The release of the held American prisoners are symbolic of this.

This is not to say that North Korea is a good country just because they did something inherently good. This is to say that North Korea is making some steps in the right direction, and if this keeps up, we can begin talking about North Korea being a peaceful, but not good, country. There are great differences between the two.

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