Nuked Iran Deal Triggers Democrats

In an eventful day of politics, President Trump continues to wow Republicans and trigger Democrats by continuing to erase Obama’s legacy, this time by getting out of the Iran Deal.

The decision to abandon the Iran Deal thrilled many Republicans such as Mitch McConnell, who said the deal was “flawed from the beginning,” as well as conservative leaders who have questioned the principles of American leadership since the deal was conceived.

Congressional Democrats are not too happy about Trump’s decision. Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, called the president decision “rash” and said that this plan “isolated America, not Iran.”

While it is unclear how Trump’s decision isolates America over Iran, it has been confirmed that Trump is reinstating sanctions against Iran for their behavior over the last decade, set to cripple their already failing economy.

European leaders showed their support for the Iran Deal, with the AP reporting that a British diplomat urged the United States to keep the deal just hours before Trump got out of it.

The Iran Deal was an example of the United States helping other powers around the world who are entirely against us. Instead of Isolating Iran for their bad behavior, we made them a potential world power and furthermore bailed their economy out for a promised abandonment of their nuclear program.

The Iran Deal was a government bailout of another country with the excuse of nuclear fears. While the possibility of Iran having an atomic bomb is a valid reason to be afraid, there can be no nuclear bomb if Iran is broke, and they were about to become an anarcho-state just like Afghanistan if we didn’t step in and bail them out.

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