Why the Democrats are Obsessed with Border Kids (A Lesson in The Agenda-Setting Theory)

A lot has happened politically this week, but behaviors seem to stay the same on both sides of the political aisle. Usually, it’s the Democrats who try to squeeze themselves out of trouble by creating a new narrative that they know will interest people. Nowadays, it’s about the same.

Before we get started with today’s news story, I would like to say that I plan on doing two things here: first, I want to explain what exactly is going on, and why the media is covering a non-newsworthy event that has been going on for several years, and secondly I want to explain why the media would cover the children at the border right this moment. This will be an in-depth article describing exactly what’s going on in the world of the political elite.

Now, on to the story.

As you know, the media has been covering the border A LOT recently. More specifically, what happens to the illegal immigrants after they are detained by ICE and/or the Border Patrol. As the left often does, they studied this issue from an anti-Trump point of view, and not an objective one.

I say “studied” in that last paragraph very lightly, because the left often never studies, thinks, or contemplates on anything. What they often do is set a narrative in motion. This narrative often suits their agenda, and for the last few years, their agenda has been to get rid of Donald Trump. This narrative is no different.

Now that CNN has told all of their four viewers (seriously though; nobody watches CNN anymore) that children are being separated from their parents when families cross the border illegally, everyone in the mainstream media is forced to cover it as well.

And the coverage is nothing short of hilarious; they are actually blaming this on Donald Trump, as if the man himself wants this to happen. As they gnash their teeth and continue to compare Trump to Hitler, the left only loses support due to their extreme radicalism. When CNN connects Trump’s America to Nazi concentration camps, they don’t realize that they are actually exposing themselves for the radical demagogues that they are.

It’s funny that Trump supporters are getting lectured on why we’re racist and immoral when the left will openly discriminate against white people and let Latin Americans break federal law simply because their skin is a little bit darker than ours. If that isn’t racism to a T, then I don’t know what is.

But back to the point.

The mainstream media set this anti-Trump narrative in motion to cover former federal officials for openly spying on the Trump campaign from 2015 to now. What this border thing is a cover for is the IG report that supposedly exposed former FBI officials for committing several federal crimes against the Trump campaign and shielding Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

What is going on here is that somebody, maybe George Soros, has told the CEO of CNN, NBC, and CBS to change the narrative from Trump-Russia to border kids simply because they knew what was in the IG report, and it was not good for them. What this does is it not only reports “news” (quotation marks because it’s not really news. The pictures that started it all were from 2014, about halfway through Obama’s second term), but it also tells people what to think about, and what they should be focused on right this second. Take it as a mind game from the standpoint of the media; they report, you think.

And for the most part, it has worked beautifully for them.

So far, several news outlets and even the president himself have fallen for this fake news crap, when all the media is trying to do is cover for their friends in Washington. The media began talking about this, and now everybody’s hooked.

Think about your last political thought. Now, was it about the IG report, or was it about sad-looking children at the border? It’s completely normal if the latter is true, because that’s what the agenda-setting theory is. Simply taking a substantive subject, whether it be fake or true, and putting it out there for everyone to see and decide on personally.

This is simply manipulation by the media; this isn’t news anymore. If it were news, they would have mentioned the fact that almost twice as many children were in custody in the year 2014 alone than were in custody under the entire Trump presidency. If it were news, the media would have mention the fact that immigrant children were actually treated worse under Obama than they are now. If it were news, the media would have mentioned the fact that over 10,000 of the 12,000 children in custody are either not related to the person who brought them over the border or came over the border alone, abandoned by their parents.

The point of all of this is that more Americans need to see that the media doesn’t really care about these children. All they want to do is steer attention toward this issue and away from the IG report, which is getting no attention at all. If the media keeps this up, none of the fraudsters are going to be prosecuted and charged for what they did.

We need to stand up to the mainstream media.

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