Senate Democrats Filibuster Kavanaugh Hearings on Capitol Hill

Senate Democrats did their best to filibuster the widely-anticipated hearings for the nomination of Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh, a candidate hand-picked by the president and a strict constitutionalist.

Senate Democrats Filibuster Confirmation Hearings of Brett Kavanaugh

The first of several hearings for Kavanaugh was held yesterday on Capitol Hill by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Democrat Senators refused to let the hearing continue. The reasons they gave for their swift filibuster were many, all of which they claimed proved they needed more time before they responsibly nominate Kavanaugh.

One of the reasons was the thousands of documents that remain unread that help to explain Kavanaugh’s past as a federal judge. While the Democrats have read over half a million documents written by Kavanaugh himself and have yet to find any dirt on the judge, they claim they need to read further into Kavanaugh’s past.

Another reason given was from Democratic Senator Kamala Harris (D, CA), who disagreed with Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy, saying that Kavanaugh is biased against Democratic institutions and political policies, citing the works of liberal Justice Earl Warren as proof.

However, Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State and a known advocate for Kavanaugh, contradicted Harris by saying that Kavanaugh “will be an outstanding Supreme Court Justice,” and that “Kavanaugh will thoroughly and faithfully uphold the… Constitution of the United States of America.”





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