Kavanaugh Hearings Come to a Close, Senate Likely to Confirm Him

The hearings held by the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh came to a close Friday after an entire week of questioning, and the Senate is likely to proceed with his confirmation later this month.

As hearings on Capitol Hill come to a close, Kavanaugh stands poised to become a Supreme Court Justice

The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee did their best to stall the hearings, using reasons such as not being able to read the necessary documents to questioning Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy, all of which proved to be unsuccessful. In fact, the behavior displayed by Democrat senators during the hearings was considered crude and disrespectful by many.

While Democrat senators attempted to rip into Kavanaugh’s long career, Republicans on the panel treated the Supreme Court nominee very differently. While the Democrats tried to paint Kavanaugh as a justice who would roll back decisions concerning women’s rights, such as Roe v. Wade, Republicans attempted to solidify his constitutionality and extreme intellect, with many testifying that he is a “fair-minded and independent jurist.”

The president, while campaigning in North Dakota, seized an opportunity to attack the Democrats, saying that they acted like fools and suggested that they wouldn’t stack up against him in 2020. The Democrats he is most likely referring to here are Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California, both of whom are considering presidential candidacy.



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