MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Claims Trump is “Far Graver Threat” to America Than 9/11 Attackers

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough made a controversial statement on his show earlier this morning, saying that President Trump posed a “far graver threat” to America than even the 9/11 terrorists.

MSNBC co-host says Trump is "graver threat" to America than 9/11 attackers

Through the entirety of the show, Scarborough gave examples as to why this was so, saying that devastating attacks on American soil, such as 9/11, actually bring people together, and that the president’s repeated assaults on our democratic system only divide our country further.

“If you strip America of its ideas, forget about knocking down buildings in the financial district — forget about running planes into the Pentagon,” he said. “Those are tragedies, but those tragedies bring us closer together. America is an idea. You gut America of that idea, that’s when you do the most harm to America.”

From here, Scarborough listed several aspects of the Trump administration as a “threat” to the country.

“You have just this week, Brett Kavanaugh who wants to be on the Supreme Court refusing to answer whether people should be banned from coming to the United States because of their race — and his reading of the Constitution,” Scarborough said.

“The accumulation of that, the retweeting of neo-Nazi videos, Charlottesville, I mean I could go on and on, what he said about the majority black countries — that is tearing more at the fabric of America than attacks on the Twin Towers did. We rebuilt from that. We became stronger because of that,” he said. “But this seems to me a far graver threat to the idea of America.”

What’s more, Scarborough wrote an op-ed to The Washington Post saying that President Trump is doing more damage to the American dream than “any foreign adversary ever could.”

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