Sen. Susan Collins, Joe Manchin Expected to Vote Yes to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

In an eventful session Friday, the United States Senate is set to vote yes to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh thanks to two key Senators at about 1:00 PM tomorrow afternoon.

In securing a yes vote from Maine Sen. Susan Collins and West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, Kavanaugh can now be confirmed to the Supreme Court, effectively ending one of the most controversial and deadlocked confirmation hearings in history.

For the Democrats, this isn’t the news they were waiting for. First, every Republican, sans Sen. Murkowski of Alaska, has already voted to end debate on Kavanaugh and advance to the final confirmation vote on Saturday.

Second, the Democrats in the Senate believe that the FBI background check conducted per their request did not acquit Kavanaugh of the charges, as many people were not interviewed by the FBI, including the initial Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Ford.

Third, the confirmation of Kavanaugh is expected to ignite further Republican support around the country, even in states that voted for Trump in 2016 but are represented in Congress by a Democratic Senator.

On the flip side, Republicans are heading into the midterms for the first time with momentum on their side. The confirmation of Kavanaugh could have possibly helped to stabilize tensions between Democrats and Republicans, but the performance during the confirmation hearings have put Republicans ahead in some polls and barely behind in others.

The midterm elections are now less than a month away, held on November 6, 2018. Both the RNC and the DNC have upped their game as far as raising money for promising candidates around the country, with the RNC raising considerably more than their partisan competitors.


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