Caravan Rids Itself of LGBT Members; Illegal Immigration Debate Continues

The migrant caravan didn’t seem to treat everyone with respect, as many decided to part ways with their travel buddies as they were bullied because of their status as an LGBT member.

According to Fox News, 76 migrants out of 3,600 decided to leave toward Tijuana after enduring discrimination and verbal harassment from their peers, similar to the treatment they received in their home country. The large caravan they traveled with is expected to reach the U.S.-Mexico border in 2-3 weeks.

The group did not travel to Tijuana unfunded, as an anonymous group financed the trip and paid for a bus to take them to the border.

It should be noted that the LGBT migrants plan to seek political asylum in San Diego to complete their trip to the United States.

Caravan members have been estimated to travel 130 miles a day, a very impressive number. However, their arrivals to the U.S. border have ignited political arguments about whether they should be admitted or not, as well as whether children born of illegal immigrants should be considered U.S. citizens. President Trump has stood his ground when it comes to this issue and is ready to deter the caravan by whatever means he deems necessary.

Meanwhile, at the New York Times, reporters are claiming that deploying troops at the U.S. border is a waste of time and money by separating moms and dads from their families during the holidays and that despite Pentagon dissent, the president is adamant about stopping the coming immigrants.

The NYT published a story predicting that the soldiers deployed will likely be there past Thanksgiving, implying that the president is keeping his military from their families to satisfy his desire to stop the coming caravan from entering the United States illegally.


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