Nancy Pelosi is Running for Speaker… Again

The midterms elections have shown the Democrats support over their political rivals, and as the Democrats are set to once again have the majority in the House in January, Nancy Pelosi is asking her colleagues to elect her as Speaker of the House. 

Nancy Pelosi has been a controversial figure her entire political career, but she has received criticism for radicalizing the party and trying to demonize the president, sometimes when her party doesn’t feel the same way. 

Despite the growing opposition to Pelosi, the career lawmaker sent a letter to House Democrats asking to elect her as Speaker, promising to “restore the House to the role it should have as a strong and independent voice for the American people.” 

While Pelosi does have major support among the Democrats, many of her new colleagues ran on the fact that they would vote against Pelosi if she ran for speaker, and since the Democrats’ majority in the House is slim, with 222 so far, there is little room for opposition. 

Nancy Pelosi also advocated for a more transparent legislative branch, a statement that doesn’t bode well with some, considering Pelosi was a federal valiant supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Clinton was responsible for deleting thousands of classified emails and refusing several FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests regarding her private server while Secretary of State. 

President Trump commented on Pelosi’s request, tweeting that she “deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats.” He also said in a press conference that he “really respected what Nancy [Pelosi] said last night about bipartisanship and getting together and uniting… which is so important because that is what we should be doing.”

The majority-Democrat 116th Congress will hold a final vote on the next Speaker in January 2019. 

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