The Continued Culture War

Today was the day. I always knew it was bad, but today I felt it. I felt the cultural Marxism running through my entire classroom. I felt it when my fellow schoolmates recited one after another the flaws they saw in conservatism. I never knew it was this bad, but today truly hurt me and made me think that I had an ideological duty to think the way that I do in order to serve justice to the people I hold most dear in my heart.

            Let’s start with education. I learned today that the political left in this country had tainted the minds of my fellow God-given humans, and told them that liberals are more educated and that if only conservatives went to college, they would think like you. This fact had been burned in the minds of my peers, and I knew they hadn’t been told the whole story. Nevertheless, they believed it with all their heart. But the mere fact that they would say this with conservatives living in their family made me think that they just didn’t care about their family and that they took everything they had for granted. That didn’t seem very educated to me, but I digress.

            This point was written in the conservative column in our conservative v. liberal T-chart several times in my classroom. I was probably the only one in the classroom who didn’t believe it. And now I believe that I had a duty to the people in my heart to believe in conservatism, and not only that but to also stand up for what is right, because I will say right now, my dad is not uneducated. My mother is not uneducated. My dad may have dropped out of college, and my mom may only be a registered nurse with a GPA less than 4.0, but I’ll give my entire soul if you can find one college-educated liberal who is smarter than my parents. With my dad owning a business in numismatics and my mom working as one of the best nurses at her hospital, they are very smart and live very comfortably. Find me one college-educated person who knows more about coins, bullion, numismatics, cardiology, nursing, or life itself. I didn’t know it was this bad.

            I saw self-made men written in the conservative column, which made me smile. However, I also saw self-made white men. This untruth ate at me, and I believe was an attempt to consume my own heart. The ability of the left to racially separate themselves from the ‘evil’ white men is sickening and made me think about my own siblings and dear associates who hold conservatism and its ideas dearly. My mom, a Latina, myself, a Latino, my uncle, a Latino, my coworker Matt, a half-white, half Chinese man, who, if time would allow me to do so, has a bachelors degree in microbiology. But the left will only ever see these people as whites, and furthermore, racist, uneducated whites who don’t know what they’re talking about. I didn’t know it was this bad.

            We are racist. We have been alienated by the rest of society by our race, by our sex, and now by our beliefs. We owe society an apology for the sins of our foremothers and forefathers, things that we had nothing to do with. But alas, it is our fault. This is another point burned into the very rafters of my frontal lobe. Anyone who believes in legal immigration, limited immigration, freedom of speech for all, and would question the words coming out of the liberal’s brain is a racist bigot and should not speak on any issue for the duration of his or her life. This fact is even applied to those who are not white, who are one of the most educated in their class, and who refuse to believe everything said to them by someone with a Ph.D. in front of their name. I am one of these people, but alas, I am ignored for the very fact that I have an R in front of my name, and furthermore, I am a conservative. I didn’t know it was this bad.

            For me, there is no escaping this hellhole. There is no averting the liberal mindset of the 21st century. I can only sit back and watch, and if I say anything, I am alienated, sometimes by my own teacher. Feelings don’t matter to these ‘people;’ it is only used as an excuse. If they did, liberals wouldn’t these things. I would never say that a liberal is uneducated; I would only say that they are wrong and show them how with statistical evidence that I had previously assembled. But when the other side has power; when the other side feels they are invincible, they say and do whatever they want, and ignore the very things they first set out to do. They are power hungry monsters, sent from the very depths of hell, with the one mission to destroy any idea that differs from theirs in any way. And people like me are left out, forgotten by society, like a lone tree in the desert, trying to find some water in a society that lacks it. I didn’t know it was this bad.

            But I will not go down like this. I will not stand by and let my entire life get destroyed because some close-minded fools want to disavow me and send me away. And I’m not alone. Ironically, the one place that liberals held most dear is turning conservative, and moreover, they are rejecting liberal policies of ethical and moral hierarchy for the greater good of their society. They are closing borders, accepting wholeheartedly the benefits and ethics of capitalism, rejecting the idea of a social welfare, believing that it is the person’s right to live how they want to live, and not the government’s. The liberals can say all they want about me, but I know that I will eventually prevail. They believe that I sit in the back of the class and say nothing all day long because I am ignorant and uneducated, believing in something that Iknow nothing about. In fact, I know many things, and I can vouch that I know more than they do. I am not a fool, but they have proven themselves to be fools, and I have been given the opportunity to watch them make their one-sided points; for it makes me stronger knowing what they truly believe. I didn’t know it was this bad, but now that I do, it’s time to do the one thing they fear the most; stand up and fight.

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