Democrats Attempt to Compromise… Without Compromising

House Democrats have submitted a few bills to be voted on next congressional session, both addressing the government shutdown but both refusing to acknowledge President Trump’s demands for border wall funding, according to the Associated Press.

As the Democrats prepare to take control of the House of Representatives Thursday, two new bills aimed at ending the government shutdown are going to be placed up for a vote. While both stand a very high likelihood of being passed at the House level, they hardly address the issues brought forward by the president and other House Republicans.

This was noted in a tweet by House Rep. Mark Meadows (R, NC), saying that without funding for a wall, this bill is a “nonstarter.”

While the bills will most likely be passed by the Democrat-controlled House, the Senate is standing with the president on the issue of border security.

“It’s simple: The Senate is not going to send something to the president that he won’t sign,” Senate Majority Leader spokesman Donald Stewart said earlier today.

Furthermore, it is even more unlikely that the president himself will sign any of the Democrat spending bills, meaning that the government shutdown will continue into the new year.

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