House Passes Spending Bill, Excludes Wall Funding

The U.S. House of Representatives passed two bills to reopen the government Thursday while excluding any funding for border security or President Trump’s border wall.

The first bill was passed 239-192, and this bill would fund the Department of Homeland Security through Feb. 8. The second was passed 241-190 that would fund six government agencies until the end of the fiscal year.

As the Democrats hope to trap Republican leadership by separating the two bills, talks of border security are still at the top of the president’s priority list, while those talks are being avoided by Democrats in Congress.

Both bills were shot down by the Senate and the president, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reiterated his position on not passing any legislation that would not be signed by the president.

Democratic leaders in the House are criticizing the president, saying that he is holding his own government hostage in an effort to follow up on his biggest campaign promise.

Democrats are also alleging hypocrisy in the Republican party, with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D, MD) noting that the funding package the Democrats had passed contained similar language to the appropriations bill the Senate Appropriations Committee passed with bipartisan support.

“We hope that the Senate will pass bills it has already passed. I know that Sen. McConnell said he won’t put it on the floor, but if he puts it on the floor it will pass,” Hoyer told reporters Wednesday. 

With Democrats controlling the House, while Republicans remain in control of the Senate and the presidency, Americans should get ready for a long shutdown.

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