Why a Government Shutdown?

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The last few weeks have been a little bit exciting, perhaps too exciting for some. The government has been shut down, Democrats are now in control of the House of Representatives, and the T.V. personalities have been pitching in to aid their party and try to end this shutdown once and for all. What we don’t realize in this government shutdown, however, is that it gives us a chance to show not only what both sides are willing to do to appease each other, but what their promises to their constituents mean; in other words, their integrity. That is why this government shutdown is completely necessary and could prove helpful to better understand each other.

When the government ran out of funds mid-December, the Republicans, still being in control at the time, had to pass an appropriations bill to keep the government open. Long story short, they failed.


Because there were still a lot of neo-con Republicans in the House and the Senate who were not on board with President Trump when it came to funding his beloved wall. These are the congressmen and women who criticized him on the campaign trail, and who refused to be associated with the president at all during the almost two years of his presidency.

When the time came for a vote in Washington to keep the government from closing its doors, there wasn’t any wall funding, and if there was, it was very little. The president made his point clear: he wanted a wall, and due to pressure felt from his fellow constituents to stay true to his word, he decided to wait. After all, a government shutdown wouldn’t harm him, and it sure wouldn’t hurt his constituents.

After the month was over and Democrats regained control of the House, they immediately passed an appropriations bill that would instantly reopen the government but would also ignore the president’s demands for a border wall. As far as understanding each other goes, we can now see that the Democrats are absolutely not willing to negotiate at all, and would sooner impeach the president and commit political suicide than give him funding for a wall.

This happened yesterday, mind you.

So what’s the big deal? We’ve always known that Democrats and Republicans are fundamentally different from a political standpoint. Some, including myself, would make the obvious point that one is socialist while the other is capitalist. It’s like the United States and the Soviet Union trying to compromise with each other without the Axis power to fight off. As we are well aware, that did not work, and will not work. Ever.

Here’s the big deal: Republicans have shown that they can compromise with the Democrats. Many people forget, and mainstream media outlets have tried to capitalize on that fact, but the Republicans offered several deals in the years 2017 and 2018 to tackle the DACA problem by giving them amnesty, and even giving known illegal immigrants in this country amnesty in exchange for border wall funding. It sounded like a good plan, and Republicans showed it to Democratic leaders hoping for that wide-eyed “they finally did it” moment.

However, no such moment occurred, and the Democrats walked away from all negotiations involving wall funding. This must have meant that the Democrats saw the wall as such a detriment to the United States itself that they simply refused to talk about it, even as a carrot was being swung about right in front of their faces. Getting the votes of illegal immigrants is a core belief of the Democratic party, as we are all very much aware. Furthermore, Democratic interests were probably angry at their leaders for walking away so quickly, because mass amnesty means more cheap labor for them.

On the other hand, Democrats have shown that they cannot negotiate with those with R’s behind their names. As we saw in the earlier years of the Trump presidency and as we are currently seeing on Capitol Hill, Democrats would rather see their own government go without funds than even think about the demands of the Republicans. In fact, most news stories from yesterday and today show that Democrats have refused to even negotiate with Republicans.

I’m not going to waste your time and tell you why the wall is needed; I’m sure that you have an opinion about it, and whether you want the wall or you don’t want it, you probably feel very strongly about it. But at the end of the day, this is about the demands of both parties and the ability to find common ground. Believe it or not, Trump supporters are willing to find common ground with Democrats. Right now, they just want a wall; I can’t speak for every single one of them, but I’m sure a vast majority are accusing the Democrats of hypocrisy.

But going past political games in Washington, the core point of this article was to explain why a government shutdown was good in this instance. It is good for the facts I have laid out in front of you; we learn from our enemy, and at the end of the day, that’s what we want. We learn that they are unwilling to compromise, knowing that we are. We learn that they feel so strongly about opposing you that they are willing to send their own government workers that they helped to put there home. And finally, we learn that we have a president who loves his constituents so much that he is also willing to see the government of the United States go without funding if he does not get funding for a border wall, something his people primarily elected him to do. It is very reassuring that the president could say to reporters that the shutdown could last for “months” or even “years,” depending on how desperate the Democrats got.

Time will tell what happens in this epic showdown between the Democrats and the Republicans, but one thing is for sure: Trump supporters, your orange-haired commander-in-chief is back to fight for you. To be honest, he never left.

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