A New American Horror Story

We live in a time that many call the most concerning part of American history. Instead of peaceful discourse, peaceful transitions of power, and peaceful protests, we have debate not just canceled for political reasons, but shouted down and prevented by whatever means necessary. We have a president who gained power in 2017 and was apparently so undeserving of his new political position that we must make up stories of Russian collusion, we must create false documents spreading falsehoods to the uninformed, and we must destroy the reputations of good men.

We know who is doing this, and despite what people say, it is only one party, and to be more specific, the liberal Democrat party.

But this can only lead to chaos; the fact is that many Americans are living in fear around the country because of this hostile political force that cannot accept that people have a different opinion than them.

The left’s behavior is despicable and can’t go on in a civilized society. At least when our country was founded, people watched their mouths when it came to discourse with one another. Granted, you were liable to be challenged to a duel if you kept running your mouth and calling your opponents names. When are we going to realize that we need to fight against this behavior? This threatens the country, and if left alone for long enough, will soon find a problem with everything and everyone in the United States.

But there’s a bigger problem here; it has hurt the United States since the founding, but even more so in the 20th and 21st century. It is the establishment of public schools. Here’s why: public schools are instructed to teach subjects in America exactly how the government wants them to teach them. Let me go into more detail.

Public schools are and have been from the beginning, controlled by the government. Being controlled by the government, they are only able to teach what is in the textbooks and curriculum provided to them and are instructed to teach in a way that pleases the government.

The United States government can get away with a system of educational monopoly while telling the general population that they are helping educate every American. This shields much of the prosecution that would otherwise be held against them, but after years of radical changes to teaching curriculum and strategies, their corruption is beginning to bleed into general society.

First, the government can teach whatever they want to the students of this country. What this means is that even if our government was tyrannical, such as North Korea’s, we would still be taught that it was the greatest country in the world. We wouldn’t be taught our tyrannical history or our oppressions of our own social classes; we would only be taught the negatives and wrongdoings of other countries. 

The opposite is happening in America; instead of being taught how great our own country is, we are being told how terrible and despicable it is, and how other countries are so much better as far as governmental structure and historical significance. For example, instead of being told that our country’s capitalist structure is the greatest factor to our low unemployment rate, and through its spreading to the rest of the world it has helped hundreds of millions of people escape poverty, we are instead being told that our system of commercial interest doesn’t do enough, and that in order to help even more people escape poverty, we need to socialize the current system we have. We are told that the people who have gained the most from the capitalist ethic have stolen their wealth and must return it to society through excess taxes and reparations.

We are also told of how terrible our system of slavery was, while not being told of how bad African Americans were treated in Asia and Europe. While no one denies how bad slavery was for blacks, I question the sincerity of those teaching these things. They are not being intellectually honest with themselves or their students if they don’t mention these things.

But what does this have to do with our current state of political demonization? Sure, the education system is bad, but it shouldn’t have any effect on actual political thought. Right?

Wrong. The entire point of teaching these things in public schools is to demonize those who think differently from you. If there is someone who disagrees with the general narrative being spread in public schools, they must be shut down.

And don’t mention that they are reasonable in their logical explanations of historical fact that establish their basis of argument. If this happens, you are then saying that you are being unreasonable for disagreeing with them. This is basically forfeiting an argument, and students of the narrative are especially scared of this because it means that they’ve wasted their entire lives learning things that are simply not true.

In order to avoid this, people have rioted to stop the spread of ideas different than their own. In Berkeley, for example, leftists rioted in the streets to stop conservatives such as Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter from speaking. In other colleges, students pressured the administration to make sure invited speakers didn’t step foot on campus, lest there be a riot conducted by the same kids.

We have seen this with Ben Shapiro’s speeches, as sometimes he is allowed on campus and gets shouted down while speaking, or is prevented from stepping onto campus grounds by police.

As we have gone over why this is happening, we still haven’t touched on how we can change it. How can we make America a civil society that allows for peaceful discourse without things getting violent?

Here’s how: get rid of the system.

Public schools have been a detriment to society ever since its beginning. Sure, students are able to get an affordable education that will help them receive all the benefits society has to offer, such as a job and money and specific services, but at what cost? I have concluded that most families are aware that there is a problem, whether they want to admit it or not. The only reason most students go to public schools instead of private schools is that there is no competition between the two. Private schools are unable to compete because they must charge tuition, but because of that, they offer a much better education. Public schools are unwilling to compete, and while they don’t charge tuition, the education level is therefore much worse.

Here are just a few examples: According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), students attending private schools have done better on their ACT test, scoring on average 3.1 points higher than their public counterparts. In elementary and middle school, private institutions tout higher math and reading scores. In private schools, mathematics tests were 18 points higher for eighth graders and 8 points higher for fourth graders. Reading tests gave the same results, with an 18-point lead for private eighth graders and a 15-point lead for fourth graders.

Knowing these statistics, we can realize the benefits of a private system over a public one. While there are some students who really can’t afford to go to private schools, there can be a separate system for them. But for those who can and want to go private, they should be able to without paying into the public system which they do not utilize.

I am not for restricting education to those who can afford it; for the kids who can’t receive a private education, go to the public school. The tuition is still free and paid for by the taxpayers who also send their kids to public school instead of private. But those who pay to have their kids privately educated, they should not have to also pay for other kids to be educated. When this happens, the parents of the kids who were previously privately educated are also paying for public education, thus driving them to financial destitution if they do not give in to the public system.

But I digress.

My only point here is that kids are poorly educated by public schools, and it shows that there is a better alternative for society. But more to the point, our teachers are not teaching these kids the whole story of America; instead, the only story that these kids know is the one they have been indoctrinated with since kindergarten.

Again, Jordan Peterson made the point very clear: if these kids, who have been taught a certain ideology their entire lives admit that there is another reasonable point out there, that not only points out the possible irrationality of their education but also admits that there might be an irrationality being taught in public schools, thus admitting that the government’s way of doing things might not be right.

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