There is Fake News; I Have Proof

Nowadays, there are those who laugh when President Trump says the words “fake news.” He even goes so far as to say that the press is the enemy of the people because of the amounts of fake news they publish and feed to the American people. While there are times when even I question this statement, there are validities to Trump’s claim. In this article, I will give one example of fake news that has been successfully published and passed on as fact in almost every mainstream media outlet.

Remember how even after Trump was elected, the president had difficulty getting his agenda through Congress, even though Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress? Then, in early 2018, the Trump administration offered to not only give 1.8 million illegal immigrants living in this country amnesty but also extend the DACA program to protect those who applied?

If your answer was no, don’t feel bad. The mainstream media has made it their top priority to bury this fact, and after they buried it, create a new narrative that Trump rejected both of these deals offered by the Democrats to better suit their agenda. The only problem with their strategy is that people heard their bullsh*t and said, “hey, that’s not how I remember it,” and do a little research to find out that it’s not true.

Don’t doubt me on whether big media outlets are saying that Trump dropped the ball and rejected the offers of Democrats when it came to the wall. That has been the entire story every since this government shutdown began. The reality is that the Democrats are responsible for trying to change the story to make themselves look more negotiable and reasonable to the public.

However, there are still people out there who, like me, call out fake news and reveal why it’s fake to the public.

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