President Trump Heads to the Border to Rally Supporters on Wall

The government shutdown doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon, as the White House and the Democrats remain far from being able to make a deal with each other and President Trump prepares to head to the southern border on Thursday to plead his case with his supporters.

According to Bloomberg News, the president is preparing to make a trip to the border to rally his base in the face of the partial government shutdown which, as of tomorrow, will become the longest government shutdown ever.

While the president can rally his base, he is unlikely to change the minds of his Democratic colleagues in Washington to give him the $5.7 billion he needs for his wall.

Declaring a national emergency remains an option to get the funds for the border wall, according to Senator Mike Rounds (R, SD). In an interview with Bloomberg Television on Thursday, Rounds said that Trump left the option of an emergency declaration on the table with a meeting with Senators on Wednesday.

“If he were to declare [a] national emergency, and then assume he could move funds around for that purpose, there would be no reason to keep [the] government shut down,” Rounds said.

Democratic leadership, however, said that they will not talk about border security until the government is reopened. This strategy is backed by many Democrats, including Vicente Gonzalez (D, TX), who represents the district that includes McAllen, Texas, a town that Trump will visit Thursday. Gonzalez tried to say that Trump supporters in his area don’t share the president’s concerns, reasoning that they know border violence is at a three-decade low.

Despite what Democratic leaders say, the president has a point when it comes to a crisis at the border. According to the Washington Post, border patrol apprehended about 404,000 immigrants trying to cross the border illegally, a number that has declined from previous years but has hiked in the past several months.

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