AMD Outsells Intel at European Retailer, 2600 and 2700X Leading the Pack

The CPU market continues to heat up for customers interested in competition, as evidenced by data released by the online European retailer, which indicated that a vast majority of the CPU’s leaving their shelves had AMD’s logo on the box.

According to Extreme Tech, AMD continues to outsell Intel, this time in Europe. Except this time AMD has taken almost 70 percent of the market share, leaving Intel with a measly 30 percent. The biggest selling products for AMD are the Ryzen 5 2600 non-X and the Ryzen 7 2700X, while the biggest drivers for Intel are the i9 9900K and i7 9700K processors.

However, the lead for AMD becomes much slimmer regarding overall revenue, with 54 percent coming from the team red and 46 percent coming from team blue. These numbers suggest that Intel, while not selling nearly as many processors as their competition, are making more on average per CPU. What is unknown, however, is how much money either company makes per unit sold.

What is known is that both Intel and AMD are not selling very many enthusiast-grade chips. On team red, the Ryzen Threadripper barely contributes to AMD’s overall market share, and team blue’s Extreme CPU’s and eighth-gen Core i9 CPU’s aren’t doing very well either. However, the retailer does note that these chips bring in a lot of revenue despite their low sell-through rate. This is due to their large price tags.

AMD and Intel both have upcoming CPU’s that they plan to unveil at CES in the Summer. For AMD, the very first seven-nanometer based CPU’s; for Intel, “Cascade Lake,” which, like the three generations before it, is operating on 14-nanometer architecture, but is expected to feature more cores and a higher single core efficiency.

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