CNN, WaPo, NYT Show the Crisis at the Southern Border During VP Pence’s Visit

In an effort to report on Vice President Pence’s visit to several border patrol facilities Friday, several media outlets also took the opportunity to show their viewers just how bad the situation was at the southern border.

Among the media outlets to report on the situation at the southern border were CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. While all media outlets listed are left-leaning, they seemed to agree that there is a crisis on the southern border and wish Washington would fix it, signaling a rare agreement between the press and President Trump.

All facilities visited by the Vice President were overcrowded with thousands of illegal immigrants who have arrived in droves over the past few years. Even though Border Patrol has tried to control the situation at the southern border, illegal immigrants continued to cross, forcing them to overcrowd their facilities and take heat from Washington for poor living conditions.

Despite strong language from the President regarding the crisis at the border, many media outlets mocked him, describing it as “manufactured.”

Now left-leaning outlets have revealed the truth to their audiences, marking a possible contradiction by the publications.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released a video earlier this month detailing the “abuse” that was happening in a migrant detention facility in El Paso, leading to congressional hearings with administration officials regarding the situation at the border. Vice President Pence’s visit has been the latest in a series of visits by both congressional members and administration officials, including the president himself.

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