Trump ‘Does Not Want to Be Impeached,’ according to CNN’s Jim Acosta

Breakthrough journalism is happening at CNN, where the senior White House correspondent broke a bombshell story about the president Wednesday: he “does not want to be impeached.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta went on the air Wednesday morning to break this story, saying that he learned this from a source close to the president.

“I talked to a source close to the White House last night, someone who regularly talks to the president who says, you know what, he does not want to be impeached,” Acosta said. “He does not like the idea of impeachment, [and] has been worried about this since last December. And that this has been on his mind for some time.”

Acosta’s comments come after President Trump’s conversation with the newly elected Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, which involved the president asking Ukraine to investigate presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son and his involvement in Ukrainian oil finances.

This was the basis for media outrage a few days ago, as they framed the president’s conversation to mean the freeze of foreign aid to Ukraine he initiated a week earlier was done to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden’s involvement in their country.

“This source looked at what happened yesterday where, all of the sudden, we are going to see the transcript,” Acosta said. “And all of the sudden, we are going to get the whistle-blower complaint. Supposedly. We’ll find out in what form and so on. That is being viewed as signs that the president is concerned about this.”

Jim Acosta explaining his bombshell discovery | Courtesy of The Daily Caller

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