OPINION: Americans Need to Stop Listening to the Media and Read the Transcript

There has been talk in the past few days about possible crimes committed by President Trump; specifically, his withholding of foreign aid to Ukraine in order for them to investigate a political enemy of his. This has led Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to open official impeachment hearings into the president’s actions.

A word of advice to the American people: don’t believe the media. Read the transcript of the call yourself.

The Washington Post and the New York Times initially broke the story that the president could have engaged in wrongdoing while speaking to the newly-elected Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and that they had a whistleblower from within the intelligence agency that corroborated their “findings.”

This took the news media by storm, and soon everyone knew about the president’s phone call with the Ukrainian head of state. Not only that, but watchers were told through countless news anchors that the president had engaged in a quid pro quo with Zelensky involving foreign aid in exchange for an opened investigation into Biden’s son.

That was just a few days ago. Until yesterday, no one knew what to think about what they’ve been told. For some, like Speaker Pelosi, this was a sign that the president must be impeached. The straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. She had been pressured by her own party to commit political suicide and impeach a president based on an article from the New York Times that had no real evidence that backed up their claims. For others, it was just another effort by the left to remove an elected president from office. These people thought it best to wait for the evidence to come out.

Little did they know that the story that had came out of the New York Times was just that; a story.

The Trump administration had noticed the hysteria in the media, and released the transcript for everyone to see. Sure enough, no wrong had been done. The phrase “fake news” came to light as the people saw no mention of withholding foreign aid or a pressuring to investigate Biden’s son.

Here is what we found out: 1) the call was largely congratulatory toward President Zelensky’s recent win, 2) the president only talked about how little other European countries give to the Ukraine compared to the United States, and never mentioned withholding funds from them (yes, we know that the president ordered a freeze, but it was for this reason), and 3) there was no pressuring on anyone’s part to investigate the Ukrainian presence of Biden’s son. The topic was only brought up after Zelensky spoke of draining the swamp in his own country, thus leading President Trump to suggest to Zelensky that since Biden got the prosecutor that was in charge of investigating the matter fired, he should reopen the investigation into Biden’s son and his involvement in Ukrainian oil. There is a big difference between suggesting to someone and pressuring them to do something.

What we learned is that there was no pressuring and there was no quid pro quo. There wasn’t even a negotiation! And yet we have journalists and elected members of Congress trying to impeach a president based on nothing.

Oh, and one last thing; do you remember Crowdstrike? You know, the Ukrainian cyber company that allegedly hacked the DNC and was the sole purpose of the Russia collusion story? That was another thing that Trump wanted investigated by Zelensky, but the media doesn’t want to touch on that.

But don’t take my word for it; go read the transcript yourself and make your own conclusions.

But let’s talk about the legal implications of the original scenario. Let’s say that the New York Times was right, and that there really was a negotiation between President Trump and President Zelensky involving the exchange of foreign aid for an investigation into Joe Biden’s son.

There still wouldn’t be any crime. The president is simply trying to root out corruption in Ukraine. First of all, the leader of a nation is trying to investigate a crime committed by one of his citizens in a country that he considers an ally. Furthermore, he is trying to expose the Russian collusion story for what it was: a hoax. That’s why he asked President Zelensky to investigate Crowdstrike.

Also, there’s one thing we need to know about that happened three or four years ago. Vice President Biden did threaten the Ukrainian president that if he didn’t stop investigation into his son and fire the prosecutor who started it, he was going to withhold foreign aid from the United States. That is the real corruption, and now that the current president is trying to uncover that corruption, he’s being considered for impeachment.

Moral of the story is that we should never take the media’s word for it when it comes to President Trump. They have always and will always hate him, no matter what he does for this country here and abroad. Instead of listening to the media, read the documents yourself and make your own conclusions. I think most Americans are doing that right now, and that’s why the impeachment hearings in the House are backfiring on the Democrats who alleged wrongdoing in the first place.

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