Sending in the Troops; Executive Power to Use the Military Domestically

The Chicago mayor has said that the president cannot send in federal troops into her city, and in doing so will result in a lawsuit of the Trump administration. Meanwhile, there have been dozens of shootings in Chicago over the past few days, and countless dead or critically wounded from these shootings. In fact, Chicago has had almost 50% more shootings than they did this time last year. That’s a crazy number, and what’s even crazier are the BLM protests that continue to destroy her city and terrorize her home.

Needless to say, the president signed an executive order to send in federal troops to Chicago to help stabilize the situation before it gets worse, meaning that he faces attacks from the left as well as the Chicago mayor for his “stubbornness.” However, this is no different than any other decision he makes and frankly, the mayors and even governors can’t do anything about it.

President Trump is not doing anything different than previous Republicans when they sent in federal troops to enforce the law in hostile territories. For example, President Eisenhower sent in federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, to desegregate the schools. This event was a little different because the mayor of Little Rock had requested assistance to protect the nine school children, but the principle is the same.

Even if the mayor had not requested help, Eisenhower still had the right to send in federal troops to enforce the law. And this makes sense, because if people’s lives, liberties, and properties are at stake, and local leaders refuse to protect their own citizens, the federal government, per the Constitution, has the power to enforce the law themselves.

This chain of events is something we haven’t seen since the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. The fact that mayors and governors are bending to the will of the mob, whose demands are clearly out of reach and whose mentality is to burn the country down if they don’t get what they want, is repulsive to the core. The truth of the matter is that the citizens of Chicago are crying, burning, and being shot, and the mayor does not care at all. She refuses to apprehend the members of the mob who are destroying her city, and she threatens the Commander-in-Chief with legalities if he sends federal law enforcement to help her own city. These are truly crazy times.

The message to the Chicago mayor should be, “stop making everything about politics and save your city! Your citizens are crying in the streets, being shot at a higher rate than last year, and literally burning inside their own buildings, and you want to make this about politics? This is about the health of the people who elected you.”

Of course, she knows that this is what people across the country are thinking, but she doesn’t care. All she can think about is her hatred for the president and his administration. If she does this, she can just blame the Trump administration for any further deaths in Chicago.

How do these people sleep at night, knowing that people are dead because they didn’t take action to protect those who voted for them?

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