What Has the Coronavirus Done to the World, and How Should We Respond?

The world has been put on hold to protect itself from the “deadly” COVID-19 disease and the corresponding coronavirus. From the very beginning of the pandemic back in January, the entire world, not just the United States, has had to take precautions to flatten the curve. This meant to not necessarily stop infections and deaths, but to slow them down. This plan began with the president’s “15 days to slow the spread,” and soon morphed into something that it was never supposed to become because of the unrealistic goals of those thirsty for power.

“Flatten the curve” became “get rid of the curve,” as Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC became dictators in America, determining what was permissible and what wasn’t based on the fact that the coronavirus still existed in the world. Even in states that had very low susceptibility to the coronavirus, such as Oklahoma and South Dakota, Fauci’s orders stayed the same. It was a uniform policy for the entirety of the United States, and for states such as Michigan, whose governors and leadership had become invigorated by a new sense of power due to the pandemic, millions of people lost their jobs, lost their homes, and many lost their lives, but not due to the coronavirus; a more likely scenario is that they took their own life as their livelihood was being taken from them right before their eyes.

However, the human spirit lives on. In the state of Michigan, thousands upon thousands of protestors took to the streets of the capitol to demand that the state reopen. Michigan’s governor, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, was the target of these protests, as the citizens who took up arms and headed towards the capitol called for her prosecution for ruining the state of Michigan, killing thousands of elderlies by placing COVID-19 patients in nursing homes, and taking advantage of a pandemic to play dictator.

What the coronavirus has taught us is to be a lot more sanitary, take care of our bodies to the fullest extent, and most importantly, beware of those thirsty for power over you. The coronavirus has taught the American people that the Democratic party, and some on the Republican side, yearn for power over the rest of the population. They crave to be in charge, to make decisions for you, and keep your support by telling you that they are doing what they are doing to protect you. The truth is much more sinister, and we saw it with characters such as Dr. Fauci, Gretchen Whitmer, WHO director Dr. Tedros Adhanom, and others. Their hearts are empty, and they must fill that void with power.

There are several policies that have been talked about and enforced during this pandemic, such as the mask policy, social distancing, and the possibility of removing the cultural norm of shaking hands to stop the spread of the coronavirus. All three of these policies threaten the American way of life.

How? Because in the United States of America, our culture’s foundation is liberty, especially the liberty to exercise free will. We could institute a mandatory mask policy in the United States, but you would be infringing on other people’s liberty. You would be making a decision for them that they have the right, as humans, to make for themselves. There would be outcry, and there would be outright disregard for this ridiculous mandate. We’re seeing it play out in many states, including Oklahoma, Texas, and others. This especially helps when there’s a movement to defund the police, as now police departments are unwilling to enforce your laws for you, which poses a threat to your dictatorship. Social distancing is just like wearing a mask, as it’s a mandate made by the government that you have to agree to. There would be no problem if the government didn’t make social distancing mandatory; it’s considered rude to stand too close to anyone in a line anyway. But the fact that there are people who wanted to mandate this policy and force everyone to abide by their rules made the American people want to rebel.

Trying to get rid of the handshake is a ludicrous idea, but the point was never to enforce it; the point was to scare people into thinking the coronavirus is something that it isn’t. The coronavirus is not as deadly as those in power are saying it is. Even as the death rate gets lower and lower, those in power are portraying it to be the next black plague if we’re not careful. All the while, they ignore the fact that the World Health Organization, Dr. Fauci, and the communist government of China did not say anything about the coronavirus until two months after it most likely entered the U.S. and other parts of the world. These are not the people who have your best interests at heart; they are downright evil people who feel the need to fill their hearts with power over their fellow Americans. Just look at the history of the WHO director and the actions of Gretchen Whitmer and Andrew Cuomo, who are responsible for thousands of deaths in their own states. The coronavirus has shown us who the real enemy is in this world, and it’s not COVID-19. Dictators still exist, and more often than not, they are hidden behind the shield of party politics.

So how should we respond? How should the liberty-loving American take back their country from the likes of those descended from the very ideals we fought to rid ourselves of? We ought to keep and bear arms, to protect ourselves and our families first and foremost. Next, we ought to protect our fellow man; they will try to squash any rebellion against them. Any threat to their power, they will crush; Whitmer did that to the protestors at the state capitol. We ought to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and band together against the evil in this world. This nation is different because it was born of an idea, and that idea was that man was given by God the right to life, liberty, and property, and that these rights are inalienable, and are self-evident in every person. As Patrick Henry once said, “give me liberty, or give me death!”

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