God’s Country: A Testament to the Greatest Country in the World

‘Endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights’

The United States has always been a place where people with opposing viewpoints on various topics were allowed to present themselves in the public light and debate their ideas with their peers. America itself is in fact an idea, not necessary a country alone. While some people enjoy debating key issues, others are not so accustomed to the idea, preferring to not discuss political or economic ideas at all, or even keeping the topics outside of their lives all together. There are also those, unfortunately, who want to rule by an iron fist rather than debate objectively. We can look to the Democratic Party as an example of this category, who has ruled their subjects forcefully without any regards to the well-being of the American people.

In all of these categories, we can find great animosity geared towards their opponents. It is truly a sad testament in the freest country in the world, but in the defense of those who voted for former President Trump in 2016 for example, animosity was and is warranted to protect themselves against the tyranny of their attackers. Specifically, the liberal elite and the Democratic Party. Nowadays, you can’t really blame them for their specialized hatred toward the left, as they face persecution and hatred for even their deeply held religious beliefs. Alas, we have come to a very dark place in American discourse in the year 2021.

Now, we could look at the facts of the times and throw up our hands in frustration. We can just give up on fixing things, believing that they’re beyond repair. We can suppress ourselves ideologically in society, keeping our beliefs to ourselves and “blending in,” pretending we are just like them to avoid societal repression. We could do these things and more to prevent any more hatred or animosity toward each other, but that’s not what this country is about.

We need to remember that the United States is the greatest country in the world, founded by some of the smartest people to ever exist on the face of the planet. We need to remember that this country was blessed by God long before we became the world’s supreme superpower. We need to remember that at this country’s founding, thousands of freedom-loving patriots put their lives on the line to save their women and children from the wrath of the Europeans. Marching to almost-certain death against the largest military force the world had ever seen up to that point, minutemen, former British soldiers, farmers, fathers, and sons, all of whom believed in a power higher than themselves, whose ancestors fled Europe to escape the Catholic Church, were fighting for a cause that transcended themselves, their families, or their very country. They were fighting for the right to worship God their way (which just so happened to be the right way, if you research the early Catholic Church in England). Sure, there were unjust taxes and quartering and the like from the British, and the Americans also wanted true independence from their mother country, but if Britain had once again obtained her colonies in the west, she would have surely taken away the right of the citizens to practice Christianity separate from the Catholic Church.

The United States appears to have been blessed by God Himself since the Revolutionary War, with the puny 13 colonies defeating the greatest and most sophisticated army on the planet. Several years later, we continued to defend our homeland from the British in the war of 1812, which produced some of the greatest war stories that are heralded to this day, including the defense of New Orleans by General Jackson. Good prevailed 40 years later in the Civil War, where the vastly outmaneuvered North defeated the South, protecting the Union from secession and ultimately freeing slaves in the Southern states. Years later, the United States becomes involved in WWI and WWII, proving the superiority of the American military and defeating dangerous ideas that had plagued Europe, including fascism and totalitarianism. In the Cold War, the United States proved that capitalism was far superior to communism, a war that we seem to be fighting amongst ourselves today. The United States has the greatest ideas in the world, founded by men who proclaimed that there was a God, a Creator, that endows upon us inalienable rights that no man can take from us.

The United States is so great that several countries around the world had clung to the ideas of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and created their own versions years after the founding, a phenomenon that has not occurred for any other country.

With everything being said about our blessed country, it is currently under attack by the radical left and even folks on the right who seek to destroy the very institutions that made us great in the first place. Things like capitalism, small government, and even Christianity are under attack, and many patriots around the country are continuing to fight back. That needs to be the message of the conservative movement: fight back against totalitarianism. To save the greatest country in the world, we need to finish what we started: we need to defeat those who seek to take the inalienable rights given to us by God and show the world that the United States is still fighting, and it’s not going anywhere.

Author: Matthew White

Founder and editor-in-chief of The Everyday Republic.

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