Why the Supreme Court was Half Right on the Vaccine Ruling

One of the biggest weapons we have to fight the coronavirus, we’ve been told, is the various vaccines that pharmaceutical companies created in late 2020. At the time, the left was vehemently against the vaccines, citing that someone they didn’t like was in the Oval Office, so anything done by this person had to be terrible as well. But now, the various vaccines are being treated as if they are the nectar of the gods, and you have to be stupid not to get a COVID-19 vaccine offered by any of these large companies. In fact, the Biden administration so badly wanted the American people to know how great these vaccines were that they signed executive orders to force the people to get them.

This mandate was obviously challenged by many companies and AG’s around the country, and eventually, the mandate made its way to the Supreme Court, where our nine overlords in robes heard arguments for and against the constitutionality of the vaccine mandates. In the end, the mandate for workers who work for companies with 100 or more employees was shot down, while the mandate for healthcare workers was upheld, because it’s absurd to believe that healthcare workers have the same constitutional rights as ordinary citizens.

Here we get to the problem of the majority opinion on the vaccine mandates that exposes the lie of the Supreme Court that has been told since Marbury v. Madison in the late 1700s. The Supreme Court’s ruling was a problem because the nine most powerful judicial professionals in the world just established that some people are more equal than others based simply on their occupation. The Supreme Court has regressed from earlier stances of, say, Brown v. Board of Education (where they upheld the idea of equality of education for everyone), and has now essentially said, “well, since healthcare workers are working closely with sick patients, they can’t have the same constitutional right of choice that other Americans have.

The Supreme Court has set a dangerous precedent for the future because of the nature of their unequal ruling. They have ignored the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and instead ruled in favor of the culture, who said “well, maybe you don’t need a vaccine in the normal world, but you definitely should be forced to get it if you work in healthcare because we can’t afford for all of those “COVID patients” to get COVID from a healthcare worker. This is, of course, the pinnacle of illogical reasoning, but the Supreme Court of the United States, the body that is supposed to be composed of the smartest legal minds in all of the land, have bought into the arguments of the left.

The Supreme Court was never meant to legislate from the bench; that is the legislature’s job. What the Supreme Court does is hear cases to determine if certain policies are Constitutional or not, as is what is taught to us in high school. However, even this understanding of the Supreme Court allows them to legislate from the bench because they can just determine certain acts unconstitutional, especially if it benefits their political party.

The Supreme Court was never even meant to hear constitutionality; they are simply the highest appeals court for a criminal trial. Nevertheless, a majority of Americans view the SCOTUS in an aforementioned way, as if the members of the body are robots who have no personal or political leanings whatsoever. If this were the case, all nine members would obviously vote the exact same way on every case. This wasn’t even the case in the vaccine mandate case, in which the mandates were clearly unconstitutional and violated the ninth and tenth amendments of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court, in conclusion, dropped the ball on this case. They were half right, striking down one unconstitutional ruling and upholding another as if the Constitution ceases to exist in the face of a pandemic. The Supreme Court is extremely polarized, as it has been since the case that gave the Supreme Court its unconstitutional power, Marbury v. Madison. And as long as people continue to accept that teh Supreme Court’s opinion is the only one that matters and they are the highest constitutional experts in the land, the United States will continue its slow but certain descent into constitutional crises.

Author: Matthew White

Founder and editor-in-chief of The Everyday Republic.

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