The Conservative Approach to the Ukrainian Crisis and Why You Shouldn’t be Fooled

“Our country is clearly in terrible shape”

So let me get one thing straight: I am not going to say that the situation in Ukraine is not real or that it has been completely fabricated. I am going to say that the media has lied (as usual) and blown things way out of proportion. For example, the media circulated a picture showing the Ukrainian president in military garb with the Ukrainian military and pretended that the picture was taken recently when it was, in fact, taken far before the Russians ever invaded. We were told that there were two Ukrainian sailors who were blown up by Russian invaders; this story was also, unsurprisingly, false. The sailors were not killed, but rather taken in for interrogation. These false stories are evidence of a larger media narrative to prop up the terrible invasion by Russia and to get Americans focused on this centuries-long conflict instead of focusing on the issues at home; the so-called “dinner table issues” that affect our day-to-day lives.

The mainstream media does not want the American people to focus on the real problems here at home because the country is clearly in terrible shape. For starters, gas prices are at least double what they were under the previous presidential administration, hitting all-time highs for several consecutive weeks now. Inflation is out of control, seeing year-over-year percentage jumps not seen since the 80’s, and the president has a sub-40% approval rating which is dropping by the day. Hispanic voters and other minorites are beginning to separate themselves from the Democratic Party as public education ramps up efforts to trans the kids and effectively kill women’s sports, crime has made everyone less safe as law enforcement refuses to enforce the law (BLM riots, for example), and our health officials, who have been proven wrong so much over the past few years, seem to be more interested in political power and helping out pharmaceutical companies rather than giving legitimate health advice. This is the case with the masks, the lockdowns, and finally, the vaccines, which are so “safe” and “effective” that you need several boosters afterwards, and even then you’ll still get COVID (just take Isreal, for example, or Dr. Fauci himself). All of this to say that the media has a clear mission here, which is to distract the American people with a war overseas so they don’t focus on the issues here at home.

The only problem is that it’s not working, and for good reason. The problems at home are so overwhelming that it seems there was never any chance that a simple distraction in the news media would attract the eyes of the United States towards Ukraine and away from the gas pump. The conservative approach, which seems to be the prevailing approach, is not to ignore the conflict, but to understand that this conflict is far older than you and I. It’s even older than this country. Imperial Russia has been at war with surrounding territories for hundreds of years; Ukraine doesn’t like Russia, and Russia doesn’t like Ukraine. Europe was and probably still is the same way; the continent has been riddled with war for thousands of years, which is one reason why the revolutionaries wanted to split from Great Britain. The war between Russia and Ukraine is rooted in a historical hostility towards one another, and we ought to treat it as such. In all honestly, it should puzzle many Americans as to why this is any of our business. To those who do think it’s our business and that we need to support Ukraine, either militarily or financially, we should ask them to fund the war or to send their child to die with the Ukrainians. Leave the rest of us alone and let us live our lives. This is the very reason why thousands of pilgrims sailed away on a ship towards an uncertain future, why our founding fathers fought to declare independence, and why the Monroe Doctrine was issued.

Again, this war is not a farce. It is really happening, people are really dying, but it’s not our fight. This war has nothing to do with us, and we should treat it that way. In fact, the way the media are portraying Russia as the Nazis and the complete villains and Ukraine as the innocent victims and overall angels of the world, not to mention the “Jesus” image that the media tries to paint around Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, should make you ask some questions about why we’re so concerned with Ukraine’s prevalence in this war. Why does the media care so much? Is there something they know about American involvement in Ukraine that we don’t? What is going on in the biolabs that have been confirmed to exist in Ukraine, and why are we trying to cover it up in the form of Ukrainian support? Perhaps we’ll get answers to these questions through some intense investigation, but for now, do not fall for the media’s distraction. Keep your eyes at home and fight for the betterment of you and your countrymen’s lives, rather than getting caught up in foreign affairs that have nothing to do with us.

Author: Matthew White

Founder and editor-in-chief of The Everyday Republic.

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