An Inopportune Terrorist Attack and the Media’s General Dishonesty

“The media is not engaging in journalism, but rather misinformation”

A little bit over two weeks ago, the state of Texas and even the nation was reminded of the bitter violence that Islamic terror has brought to the world. On January 15, 2022, a Texas synagogue was attacked by a British national named Malik Faisal Akram, aged 44. Akram stormed into the church, took several people hostage, and demanded the release of an Al-Qaeda scientist. This lasted for a reported ten hours until The standoff ended with Akram shot and killed and the hostages released.

As of this time, not much is known about the attacker, but because of Akram’s name, his Middle Eastern complexion, and his references to the Al-Qaeda scientist Aafia Siddiqui (a known terrorist who is currently serving prison time in Texas for attempting to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan), the mainstream media is doing their absolute best to hide Akram’s identity. Don’t believe me? Just look at the articles written by ABC, BBC News, CNN, etc. Some of these articles go so far as to try and forgive the incident by publishing Akram’s brother’s defense for the shooter, saying he had “mental issues.” Then, on January 16, 2022, the world went back to normal as if the shooting had never happened.

Mind you, if a white Christian had done this, he or she would immediately be identified as white and Christian. The reason for this is that it fits the liberal narrative: whites are oppressive and racist, and Christians are responsible for all evil in the world, especially against Jews and Muslims. This case, and for that matter the rest of recorded history, does not conform to the narrative, so therefore it is barely reported on at the time of its happening and forgotten as soon as possible. This is an example of an inconvenient truth for the liberal establishment, which shows their wicked means of shaping the American public into a society devoid of facts or reason.

One site that did their research, however, was the New York Post, which wrote several facts and tidbits that the public ought to know about the terrorist behind the synagogue attack. Someone who reads CNN may know that he was a British national, but what they don’t know that the New York Post reported on is that Akram had previously been investigated by MI5 after a tip that he might be an Islamic terrorist. This case was closed shortly after, according to the NY Post, because MI5 found “no indication he presented a terrorist threat.” He then took a flight to JFK Airport in New York City, saying that he planned to stay at a hotel in Queens before he took another flight to Texas to stay in a homeless shelter. This part of his journey is probably where he acquired the firearm he used in the attack days later. He then chose a local synagogue to take hostages and demand the release of a convicted terrorist currently serving jail time in the U.S.

Taking all the facts into consideration, one can conclude that this was an antisemitic attack on the Jewish community by an Islamic terrorist. It’s hard to come to any other conclusion unless you haven’t had all the details presented to you by the news media. Usually, this omission is done willfully by the media so no one who reads their content can come to any conclusion that goes against the leftist agenda.

The point of this article was not necessarily to report on news that happened several weeks ago, but rather to point out the appalling practices of the mainstream media. Rather than reporting the facts and letting the consumers make their own decisions, they insert their own opinions and leave out facts that may be inconsistent with their personal viewpoints or those of their network. This is not journalism; it is precisely the opposite. It misleads and flat out misinforms the public, leading to ideologies based on false premises, which can greatly hurt a nation that now has a portion of their population in a sort of societal hypnosis, believing in things and ideas that are simply not true. Hopefully, this problem can be fixed as more and more people move away from the mainstream media and more towards truly journalistic institutions. I leave you with a quote that sums up the modern mainstream media consumer by one of the great U.S. presidents:

“It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Ronald Reagan